Recent Design-Build Project Unveiled: Bentley Systems’ State-of-the-Art Office Facility

Recent Design-Build Project Unveiled:  Bentley Systems’ State-of-the-Art Office Facility

Huntsville, AL (July 2023) – The Highland Group, a premier general contractor that specializes in design-build services, is excited to announce the successful launch of a state-of-the-art office facility for Bentley Systems, a leading infrastructure software developer, at Cummings Research Park (CRP). This project signifies more than just a new office space for Bentley Systems – it embodies a commitment to the future, with a strong focus on fostering software development and supporting Bentley Systems’ anticipated growth in Huntsville. 

This strategic relocation situates Bentley Systems right at the heart of the exciting activity in what is often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of the South”. Managed by global leader in investment management and real estate, Colliers International, CRP is home to over 300 thriving businesses and employers. 

This is just one of many innovative projects The Highland Group is undertaking in the region, reflecting the rapid growth and forward-thinking mentality flourishing in North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley region. This move serves as a testament to the vibrant business and technological landscape that these regions have come to represent.

“At Highland, our commitment to innovative thinking extends beyond our client selection and impacts the wider community through the collaborative projects we undertake,” stated Highland’s Vice President of North Alabama, Michael Barnes. “Our partnership with Bentley Systems exemplifies this approach. We identified their need for a conducive space to boost their software development and support their expansion in Huntsville. I am not only excited to watch Bentley Systems’ growth in Huntsville, but also to observe the positive impact it will have on our community,” concluded Barnes.



Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems Inc., a Pennsylvania-based software firm, has been providing infrastructure solutions globally for over 37 years. Their offerings range from MicroStation-based modeling apps to ProjectWise, AssetWise, and the iTwin platform. Serving industries like roadway maintenance, utilities, and industrial facilities, Bentley employs over 4,000 people, generating $1 billion annually across 186 countries. The company is dedicated to community engagement and global excellence.

Colliers International

Colliers International, a Canada-based leading professional services and investment management company, offers expert real estate and investment advice. Founded in Australia in 1976, it has grown as a top leasing entity with offices in 63 countries, employing 18,000+ professionals and managing $92 Billion in assets. The firm offers comprehensive services to commercial real estate stakeholders, including consulting, property management, asset management, and advisory services like market research, webinars, podcasts, and investment consultations. Highlighting client success stories, Colliers maximizes potential more than any other global real estate firm.

Cummings Research Park (CRP)

Cummings Research Park, the 2nd largest in the U.S. and 4th globally, is a hub for science & tech businesses, Fortune 500 companies, U.S. defense agencies, thriving incubators, and leading educational institutions. It also offers residential, shopping, dining, and recreational facilities for its community. Notably, it’s home to The University of Alabama and Calhoun Community College’s Huntsville campus – the only 2-year college in a major research park. #CRPHuntsville


The Highland Group

The Highland Group is a distinguished real estate development and commercial construction firm proudly serving clients throughout the Southeastern United States. Our expertise lies in preconstruction services, general contracting, construction management, real estate development, and design-build delivery. At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to develop leaders who adhere to higher standards, making a lasting impact on both our firm and the communities we serve. We believe that the pursuit of excellence begins with client relationships, built upon a foundation of integrity, honor, and trust.

Join us on our journey towards constructing a better future, as we continue to shape the landscape of the Southeast with professionalism, teamwork, and honest communication. 


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