The Highland Group Chosen By Longleaf to Expand Recovery, Mental Health Centers in Alabama

The Highland Group Chosen By Longleaf to Expand Recovery, Mental Health Centers in Alabama


Pictured: Renderings of Longleaf Recovery Center (Madison – top / Spanish Fort – bottom) by Goodwyn Mills Cawood.

In a significant stride towards addressing mental health and addiction issues in Alabama, Longleaf is set to expand its footprint with two new recovery centers in Madison and Spanish Fort. The Highland Group, a renowned Southeastern US general contracting firm, has been chosen to lead construction of these vital additions to the Longleaf network, which is part of a collaborative effort by Birmingham Recovery Center, LIV Ventures, and EBSCO Industries.

Each center, spanning an impressive 7,000 square feet, will have the capacity to serve approximately 55 clients. They will offer comprehensive outpatient mental health and addiction treatments to the communities in Huntsville and Baldwin County, with an expected operational start by summer 2024.

This expansion signifies Longleaf’s unwavering commitment to combat substance use disorders and mental health issues across Alabama. With an established presence in Birmingham, Longleaf’s growth equates to an extended reach of its effective treatment model to Huntsville and Baldwin County communities.

The project team comprises The Highland Group, Goodwyn Mills Cawood, LLC – Architecture, MW/Davis Dumas & Associates, Hyde Engineering, Mullins, LLC, and Structural Design Group.

“It’s an honor to be involved in Longleaf’s expansion into the Alabama Gulf Coast and Tennessee Valley Region; this endeavor aligns seamlessly with The Highland Group’s commitment to building stronger communities. Our collaboration with Longleaf and the entire project team transcends beyond infrastructure, it’s an investment in the quality of life in Alabama.” – Scott Shamburger, CEO/President, The Highland Group.

This initiative underscores a vital step in offering essential resources and support to those grappling with addiction and mental health issues. With a wide range of outpatient treatment options in a supportive environment, the Longleaf Recovery Center is poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing the health and well-being of individuals and families in both communities.

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Longleaf, a partnership between Birmingham Recovery Center, LIV Ventures, and EBSCO Industries, has been established to provide more outpatient addiction and mental health treatment options to Alabama. Birmingham Recovery Center, located in picturesque Birmingham, is a specialist in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The center aids individuals in overcoming substance use disorder and mental health issues, ultimately leading to life changes and goal fulfillment. Their comprehensive methodology includes individualized programming, psycho-education, family programming, and more, aimed at equipping individuals for a successful, lifelong recovery. LIV Ventures, a subsidiary of LIV Development, works in collaboration with Birmingham Recovery Center. They are committed to making strategic investments and forming partnerships nationwide that result in positive impacts. Together, they are dedicated to partnering with organizations and individuals who share their commitment to helping people live richer, deeper, and fuller lives.

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